Ateala Management offers consulting, contracting and training services to help you create a business-driven product management infrastructure. Being able to efficiently decide what capabilities and features to build into your products and to deliver on a consistent basis is the life-blood of any hi-technology organization. Whether they are small, medium or large or a startup, failure to achieve this will have dire impact on the organization – unsatisfied customers, inability to expand within existing and into new markets – affecting revenue and market share.

Here is a summary of our services:

Product Management Process Engineering

  • Definition and implementation of a product management process focused on meeting your business needs and the dynamics of your market for either on-Premise or Software-as-a-ServiceĀ  (SaaS) delivery models.

Strategic Product Planning

  • Introduction of new products or re-focusing of current products to meet the needs of the market.

Feature Prioritization System

  • Customized framework for product managers to manage capabilities and features from request to delivery.

Product Management Assessment

  • Evaluation and scoring of existing product management capabilities, activities and processes.

Feature Requirements Management

  • Elicitation, organization and management of requirements for specific product features and capabilities.

Release Planning

  • Objective setting and alignment of the feature set to meet business objectives.

Beta / Trial Program Management

  • Coordination of activities to run a Beta or Trial program.

Product Launch management

  • Management and coordination of launching the product.

Product Management Training and Coaching

  • Business-driven training and coaching programs for product managers and their managers.

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