Ateala Management is a consulting company focused on implementing Business-Driven Product Management practices for its clients.


The success of your business is highly dependent on your ability on a consistent basis to build and deliver products that resonate with your target market and keep your existing customers satisfied. Whether you are a new business challenged by providing the right product capabilities or an established business looking to expand into new markets while keeping existing customers happy or transitioning to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model; Ateala Management provides consulting services that are laser-focused on meeting your business objectives.

Increasing revenues, acquiring new customers and expanding into new markets, while keeping costs down, are the primary goals of your business; focusing on creating and managing processes to cost-effectively manage your product portfolio is paramount in achieving these goals.

Ateala Management offers consulting services in three areas:

  • Product Marketing
  • Product Management / Product Development
  • Product Launch

With our consulting services we help you define an infra-structure that allows you to consistently collaborate with your customers; identify and translate market problems into features that everyone receives value from; focus on markets that provide the greatest return; make product decisions that meet your business objectives, while making best use of your resources. We also train and coach your product management team to be business-driven product managers.

Bottom-line … we will help create a highly efficient and cost effective product management process, regardless of whether you use Agile or non-Agile methods to develop your products, or you deliver directly to your customer or offer your product as a service.

Is your product management business-driven? Sign up for the free assessment.

Unsure whether your product management process is business-driven? Sign-up for a Product Management Assessment to identify gaps that are preventing you from achieving your business objectives. We will spend a couple of hours with you to review your current product management practices and suggest any improvements. Contact us at or use the Contact Us page to set up an appointment.

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