Ottawa Product Management Association

To all you product managers in the Ottawa area … I’m interested in determining who would participate in an Ottawa Product Management Association. I envision that the association meetings would be on a monthly basis somewhere in the city with guest presenters or a panel discussion related to product management. The goal is to help enrich each other in the practice of product management and to network. It does not matter whether you are employed, self-employed or unemployed. If there is enough interest we can start in the Fall.

If you are interested, please send me a note through the Contact Us page on this site … use OPMA as the subject … or leave a reply below.

26 thoughts on “Ottawa Product Management Association

  1. Eric Embacher

    Hello Peter…absolutely YES I am interested. I am an experienced product manager (and ex-entrepreneur) new to the Ottawa area, and currently actively looking for interesting opportunities.


  2. John Burn

    Hello Peter,

    Amongst other things I am responsible for product management for the BSM Wireless FleetPulse product line. These products were developed by an Ottawa-based startup called Netistix Technologies (whom I have worked for since 2004) that was acquired by Toronto-based BSM just over a year ago.

    I would be interested in joining a local PM association.


  3. Morgan Holm

    Hi Peter,

    I think this is a great idea. It would be nice to network and share war stories.


  4. Chris

    Hi Peter,

    I have over 17 years experience in Product Management. Please count me in on this!


  5. Greg Belinson

    I am in IBM BI products division.
    This is a great initiative – please count me in.


  6. Alex Jones

    I’m involved in managing IBM Cognos BI Products and would be interested in joining an Ottawa product management association.

  7. Hal Henningsmoen

    I have been involved in product management on a number of software products and would be interested in a Product Management Association

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